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The melted material cooled so quickly once removed from heat that it was already hardening while immediately pouring it from the spoon. I got a mixture of both white and yellow beads and my 4/5 rating isn’t necessarily due to a problem with the quality of the product and may be just due to the material it’s made of (which seems like it’s probably some variety of plastic/resin, rather than wax). We mention this obvious name because it’s important to distinguish between sealing wax and, say, candle wax. Assorted sealing wax beads. Check out our other listings for more colours and wax seals! How many seals can I make with a stick of sealing wax? Traditional wax pellets or ‘beads’ as they are more commonly referred to are much smaller and require at least 3-4 to make a full seal. The mines of Rajpipla, in the state of Gularat, India, have produced the stone in commercial quantities since at least 1500AD. It is there that heat treatment became common; the stones were heated in earthenware pots laid in a fire. The largest and longest were called ‘primes’, while the next best were called ‘seconds’ and the least of which were designated ‘pinions’.

As a Canadian small local business, we will try our best to accommodate any of your special requests so please don’t be afraid to reach out to us! Inkt is your best source for sealing wax in New Zealand. I’ve worked with similar materials before and expected that they would take a higher temperature to melt and would cool faster than regular sealing wax (harder to work with as a result), but even so, the transparent yellow beads were really hard to use. The translucent white was much easier to deal with, probably because it melted easier (though it still requires more heating than regular sealing wax). Sealing Wax Beads have been designed for use with a sealing wax spoon. Do you have more questions about our products? You can use your wax seal directly on most paper products. Remember, even low-cost wedding ceremony favors can commence to add up, so do some comparison purchasing and crunch some numbers just before you actually make a decision. Make sure the letter/design of your seal is right side up.

Lace Heart Wax Seal Stamp with wooden handle. We recommend using 3 wax granules per seal (using a 2.5cm/ 1in stamp). Traditional sealing wax was made with 2/3 beeswax and 1/3 resin with coloring, bead sealing wax typically black or vermillion. Introducing our Beginners Sealing Wax Set! These bottle seal wax beads are an ideal resource to use for your brewing and homebrewing cleaning needs! Our Spring Blooms wax beads are perfect for those who love to play with colour or are just starting out with wax seals. Non-metallic colours themed around the beautiful blooming flowers of Spring. Colours include; Pearl, white, sage green, mint green, pink, metallic pink, purple, & mauve. Box set, 10 pastel colour shades of green, peach, yellow, grey, pink, purple and blue. This beautiful pastel shade box set gives you a great choice of colours. Simply heat 2-4 beads in your wax melting spoon, depending on the size of your stamp, and watch the colours swirl and mix to create beautiful new combinations. Suitable for 30-35 stamps depending on your use.

Many thanks for looking at my @FabricsAndCraftOnline shop where you will find other craft supplies including different coloured wax beads, wax melting spoons/kits, bead sealing wax metal stamp heads and wax stamps. The court was told that the plan involved obtaining paraffin wax from an arts and crafts shop and then melting it to make it look like the illegal Class B drug. Creating wax seals can be messy, so be sure to clean any clutter around you, and make sure you aren’t making on a surface you do not want potentially damaged. Simply add foil leaf or dried petals to create some amazing wax seals! Maybe even add something extra to a book report! As the fake drugs were about to be transferred to the boot of Mr Milburn’s car in a quiet lane, Clarke suddenly appeared with a US army style .45 automatic pistol and shot him as he sat behind the wheel of a Saab car.

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